Dear Bellingham Customers,

We are MOVING! Although we have cherished getting to know so many loyal, amazing Bellingham customers during the last two years, we are growing our operation and doubling our inventory, so we needed a new space!   We have found it in "The Green Lodge," a lovely building between Sedro Woolley and Burlington, just 30minutes from downtown Bellingham. 

It is also in this building where we run one of the state's first legal recreational marijuana stores, Smuggler Brothers!

Our other exciting news is that in this new space, we will be adding a cafe!  Making your shopping experience even better, you'll be able to browse while sipping on a hemp smoothie and munching on an organic cookie.  Parking is free and plentiful.  Such a refreshing change from navigating parking downtown!

Please note that if you are not interested in our marijuana business, it has a completely separate entrance and is not even visible from inside Naked and the Cafe.  If you are interested will be very convenient for you.

Our last day in Bellingham is Oct. 1st, and we reopen on Halloween with a big sale!! 

We're hoping you'll make the special trip down to visit us.  Make it a lunch date!  Afterall, not to boast but we *may* just be the largest organic clothing boutique in the entire U.S.! (please let us know if you can challenge this - we'd love it if there is something even bigger than us out there.) Again, thank you for your support. We love you!

Last but not least, we will continue to get new inventory in until the very last second!  Then we will open with some brand new fall lines that are stunning.  :)

Warm Regards,


Our new address, beginning Halloween 2015 is:  

1912 Hwy 20, Sedro Woolley WA (see map)


Is it hard to be a 100% Fair Trade shop?

August 02, 2015

When I first started our shop nearly two years ago, I had a vision that I wanted to be "mostly fair trade."  But then, because it was so easy to find incredibly stylish and unique products that were also fair trade, this commitment quickly changed to 100% fair trade.  This commitment has been relatively easy to uphold.  So easy, in fact, that sometimes I get mad that more stores do not care about this.

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Supporting Housing For Women At The Lydia Place Gala

June 09, 2015

Last Thursday three of our team - Hannah, Amy and Jeff, dressed up in Naked Clothing outfits and walked the catwalk for the fashion show portion of an important local fundraiser, the "Handbags for Housing" benefit put on annually by Lydia Place.

We decided to strike yoga poses on the catwalk (Hannah's idea!) to show how our clothing, with its natural fibers, is so comfortable that even in a dress one can ease into complicated yoga postures - no problemo!  We had fun.

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