Welcome Spring! + Parking Advice

We are processing so much new inventory, it's hard to keep up with our online store!  Only about 30% of the goodies we carry make it to the website, so scheduling a visit is definitely worth it.

Many of our visitors seem to be unaware that we have a great, easy parking garage right next to our shop!  If you are going down Holly, the cross street by our shop "Commercial" is where you turn right.  Then follow the ramp down into the "Parkade" garage.  Parking is cheaper and (psst!) not patrolled as often by the meter maid! 

And remember parking on the streets and in the Parkade is free every Saturday, Sunday, and on weekdays after 5pm.

We hope you are enjoying the first sparklings of Spring, and look forward to seeing you soon! 

xoxo ~ Amy

pictured:  Emma in one of our newest bamboo dresses.