Thank you Bellingham

Dear Bellingham Customers and Business Neighbors,

Thank you for all your well wishes and for stopping in to support us with your purchases before we closed our doors, yesterday. We reopen Oct 31st at 1912 SR-20, Sedro Woolley, and we'll be introducing a new baby in the clothing store: a cafe! Our last day was filled with beautiful surprises, with visits from many long-time customers and even customers who very recently discovered us, who expressed sadness about the move. The last person to stop in was my very first employee, Rhiannon, who is opening her own boutique downtown, in just a couple weeks! (Fringe Boutique on N. State) I'm very proud of her and all my present and former staff and artisans who have contributed to make this a great experience for me, and apparently many others. When I say artisans I mean the 15+ talented people (99% women) in Whatcom county who have hand-crafted cards, soaps, perfumes, jewelry and more to provide us with gorgeous and uncommon gifts. My mission from the beginning was to choose local wherever possible, and I was suprised and delighted to find so many quality products being made right in Whatcom County, that deserved a space to shine. I hope other shops will now take up the mission to showcase local artisans and teach consumers the value of choosing to support a neighbor, instead of a corporate brand name.

A special shout-out to my main employee, Hannah, who took the bulk of hours for the past several months and with the touch of a true entrepreneur, owned the store with beautiful leadership and kindly helped so many of you discover the right outfits and products. Along the way she earned kudos from the EPA for a solar window project and now, will leave us to pursue a fellowship from MIT while she continues studying at WWU. Thank you Hannah!

Another special gift yesterday was a surprise visit from my husband, Jeff, who started the store with me. This was the first business we opened together and two months after opening Jeff proposed to me in the store, so the space has held special memories.

We see good things developing in downtown Bellingham and hope you will continue to support the many awesome shops for years to come. With your help, it's just going to become more and more vibrant!

With that I leave you for now, and hope we will reunion in our new space. Until then, take care, and thank you again for your generous support.

Kind Regards,
Amy Kraus