Dancing Trees on Men's Hemp

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Our #1 popular design, "The Dancing Trees" evokes fantastical scenes of midnight dance parties in the woods.  Artist Mark Reny was out alone hiking when he had a stroke.  Losing functionality in the right side of his body, during recovery he began drawing with his left hand for the first time, and The Dancing Trees came from that healing.

Hand printed on the wonder-fiber, hemp, this shirt is incredibly durable with (the hemp portion) having 4x the strength of cotton.  We have customers who say their hemp shirts are in still in great condition after a decade of regular use!  Hemp is naturally UV-protective, wicks moisture, and is antimicrobial so you'll stay fresh. Here it is blended with organic cotton for extra softness.

Ingredients:  55% Hemp and 45% Organic Cotton

Artwork:  The Dancing Trees design is by commissioned Washington artist Mark Reny, hand printed by Jeff of Naked Clothing.  

Fit:  True to size.

Care: Wash cold and hang dry to best preserve the print.  If put in the dryer hemp shrinks just 5%.

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