Our Story

Pictured:  Amy and Jeff Kraus, owners.

One of the largest natural fiber clothing boutiques in the Pacific NW, Naked Clothing supplies all shapes with beautiful, flattering and breathable clothing.  We also carry some of the highest quality locally crafted gifts you'll find.  We love supporting our local artisans!

Helping women and men enjoy the feeling of clothing on their skin like never before, we focus on a shopping experience that is relaxed and truly beautiful.  Bamboo, organic cotton and hemp are some of our customers' favorite fabrics, which are naturally anti-bacterial and breathe with you during hot weather and hot flashes!  

The ethics of how and where our products are made are important to us.  With a commitment to supporting our local economy, about 70% of our products are designed and/or crafted within a two-hour radius.  100% of our products are crafted by people paid well in a safe and supportive environment.  To see more of what we mean by that, see here.

A little history...

Naked Clothing began as a one-man company 20 years ago, and is still a small company with just five team-mates including Jeff and his wife Amy.  Jeff Kraus first began screen-printing as a college student.  He crafted his main trade as a screen-printer and developed his own line of "Naked Clothing," printing local art on hemp and organic cotton shirts sewn in Seattle. His company grew to supply numerous ecologically conscious Mom & Pop shops across the country.  


Come along Amy...

Amy, Jeff's wife arrived on the scene in 2011.  She and Jeff met at the Oregon Country Faire in July, and together they enjoyed a summer of travel and selling shirts at festivals, while falling in love.  Within a year, the two began dreaming up business plans together.  Amy had a passion for creative businesses as well, having previously run a web design firm and working as an independent contractor in ESL, German and Music education, after she earned her degree from USC in opera singing.


The shop was founded on a pair of underwear...

Summer of 2013 on a trip to Banff, Amy and Jeff stumbled on what would catalyze the inspiration for opening a storefront.  The trip was horribly humid, and by chance the pair stopped by a clothing shop which supplied bamboo underwear.  This naturally breathable underwear was a God-send, and also the start of a wonderful relationship with one of our main clothing designers today.

Marilyn and Team

As our first storefront opened (10/13) in downtown Bellingham, we quickly expanded from the "Naked Clothing" line to provide several lines of unique, gorgeous natural fiber clothing, and a whole load of locally crafted gifts.  

Two years later we moved our shop closer to home, in Sedro Woolley.  We added an espresso bar, and now Jeff makes his own organic chicken enchiladas and gluten-free cookies too.  We'd love to have you visit!

Pictured:  Vancouver-based clothing designer Marilyn and her team of seamstresses who specialize in creating beautiful organic pieces.


Our story would not be complete without mentioning a very important piece, YOU!  Here are a few of our fabulous customers wearing Naked: