Our Story

Pictured:  Amy and Jeff Kraus, owners.


After four years of running our boutique (2yrs in Bellingham, 2 in Sedro Woolley, Washington), we are closing our shop October 1st, 2017 and "moving" online.

We are proud to say that based on our research, we have been the largest natural fiber clothing boutique in the Pacific Northwest.  Our commitment to delivering quality service and products will continue in our online store, and you'll still spot us at some farmer's markets and festivals.  We regularly vend at the Oregon Country Fair every July and at the Okanogan Family Fair aka Barter Fair, each October.

Thank you to all our customers!

A little history...

Naked Clothing began as a one-man company 23 years ago, and is still a small company today counting just Jeff and his wife Amy.  Jeff Kraus first began screen-printing as a college student.  He crafted his main trade as a screen-printer and developed his own line known as "Naked Clothing," printing local art on hemp and organic cotton shirts sewn in Seattle. His company grew to supply numerous ecologically conscious Mom & Pop shops around the country.  Eventually his sew shop in Seattle closed, and Jeff began sourcing quality hemp and bamboo tee shirts which are certified fair trade (sewn in China).  The artwork he prints is from commissioned artists.


In 2011, Jeff met his wife Amy at the Oregon Country Faire, and together they enjoyed a summer of travel and selling shirts at festivals, while falling in love.  The next year they became juried artists for vending their shirts at the faire, which has become a highlight of every summer since.  


From 2013-2017 Amy enjoyed running the boutiques in Bellingham and Sedro Woolley, getting to know many great customers and sourcing 100% fair trade, organic clothing from many designers, 70% of whom were based locally.  Building and investing in community continues to be a central intention for Jeff and Amy.

Our story would not be complete without mentioning a very important piece, YOU!  Here are a few of our fabulous customers wearing Naked: