Dancing Trees on Men's Hemp (Glow-Me)

Now glow in the dark!  Our #1 popular design, "The Dancing Trees" evokes fantastical scenes of midnight dance parties in the woods.

This wonder-fiber, hemp, is incredibly durable with 4x the strength of cotton.  We have customers who say their hemp shirts are in top condition after a decade of use!  Hemp is naturally UV-protective, wicks moisture, and is antimicrobial so you'll stay fresh. Here it is blended with organic cotton for extra softness.

Ingredients:  55% Hemp and 45% Organic Cotton

Made: Printed by us, Naked Clothing, in Washington State. Sewn responsibly in China. Art by Mark Rany, who gets a commission for every shirt sold.

Care: Wash cold & hang dry 

Glow-Me:  To charge up your shirt, wear it in the sunshine or charge directly with a black-light.  The design will light up intensely (as pictured) for a second, then fade to a mellow green glow.  :)

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