"Nadia" Smoothing Modal Pant

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With a thick, almost jean-like texture, this skinny leg dress pant is high-waisted with a structural look and feel.  Very complimentary and smoothing to curves.  Dress up with a tunic, flowing blouse, or jacket.  Stunning! 

Ingredients: 100% Modal (made from Beechwood)

Made:   Designed in Canada and sewn with active participation by the designer in Szechuan, China, along with a group of 12 people who are well paid, and work from a small shop in the countryside.  

Why Sustainable:  Bamboo, hemp and beech trees are among the fastest growing plants in the world, requiring no costly irrigation or pesticide treatment. In comparison, conventional cotton growing methods are responsible for 25% of the world's pesticides.

Naturally:   UV protective, wicks moisture.  The bamboo we use is different from the species pandas eat.

Care:  Wash cold and hang dry.

The fit:  True to size, and very slightly generous.

Sizing: Please note new, more detailed, size chart


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