Nuccio Hemp Jeans

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Finally! A pair of jeans that look and feel great without destroying the environment! 

It takes 1,800 gallons of water to make just 1 pair of non-organic cotton jeans! It only requires about half the amount of water to produce hemp as it would if producing cotton. Hemp is a strong and reliable plant that grows very quickly. Not only that, hemp produces about 200% – 250% more fibre in the same amount of land compared to cotton.

The Nuccio Jean is made of 55% Hemp and 45% Organic Cotton, looks great and is good for you and the planet! 

Ingredients: 55% Hemp 45% Organic Cotton 

Made: Designed in California, Manufactured Sweat-Shop free in China

Naturally: Hemp is Anti-Microbial, Moisture Wicking and Protects You from Harmful UV Rays! 

Fit: True to Size

Care: Wash Cold, Inside Out. Tumble Dry. 

Since Hemp is Anti-Microbial, you can wear these multiple times before needing to wash them! 



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